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SEMILAC UV Gel Polish 469 Blue Silk Pyjamas



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A UV gel polish with an intense shade of blue, often referred to as a royal color with an effect. It’s a deep, eye-catching hue for confident individuals who love to command attention. It pairs perfectly with any skin tone and will make any woman feel like a true queen. Use:You can use the nail polish both as a color and as an effect.To use this polish as a UV gel color, apply a thin layer onto a cured UV gel base, then cure it using a UV LED lamp. You can repeat the application of color to achieve the desired effect. Finish the styling by applying and curing Semilac Top No Wipe Real Color.This UV gel polish is primarily a nail polish that gives an incredible aurora borealis effect. To achieve it, apply and cure your chosen UV gel base, then apply a layer of UV gel polish and, before curing it in the lamp, make a dynamic movement with a magnet from side to side, a few millimeters away from the nail on each side – this will evenly disperse the particles across the entire nail plate, achieving a three-dimensional effect. SEMILAC UV Gel Polish 469 Blue Silk Pyjamas